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Advice and answers from the Hireitem team

Yes. You can cancel, although a small payment fee will be charged as you have lost the provider a potential customer. You will not be charged a fee if the cancellation is 2 weeks prior. Refunds only occur if the following issues occur; proof of damaged item, item not functioning properly, or cancellation of the booking 2 weeks prior. Contact the Hireitem team immediately to cancel your booking and payments. 

We are currently working on this, for now please use our partners WeTransferGoogle DriveOne Drive, Dropbox and Uploadfiles. Any other services are prohibited, if you use another platform you can send us a message and we will note it down here if approved. Upload files is easier if you aren’t familiar with others.

Our success depends on making our marketplace safe, that is why we implement safeguards. We vet our providers to make sure they provide quality service.

All providers provide their email and phone details upon signing up which can be verified against social media and agencies. To read more click Trust & Safety.

Hireitem has adopted a commission-based model. The commission comes from the providers, not the customer. For every successful booking made through Hireitem, 8% of the booking goes towards Hireitem. 

Once the booking has taken place, our team will get in touch with both the provider and customer to confirm the booking went successfully.

Take photos before and after hiring the asset to ensure you do not get blamed for any damaged. When hiring an item if you don’t pay for insurance then any loss or damage to the items will be your sole responsibility. Providers should have insurance on their items, therefore you should only have to pay the premium of the insurance. We are working to make sure all providers have insurance. You can use the filters, read the listing description or ask the provider about their policy and insurances. 

Hireitem provides the platform and marketplace for users and providers to make a booking, Hireitem does not physically stock items. Individual providers or businesses supply the item. 

Thought of something that is not yet discovered on Hireitem… Great job! Send a request via our email and we will try our best to list this item as quickly as possible.  

No. A user is not required to pay any additional fees or costs. A user simply is charged for the amount displayed by the provider. 

To view your booking, you must be logged into your Hireitem account previously created.

On the top right of the Hireitem page, click your letter login, click profile, then view your booking. 

You will firstly need to be logged into your account previously created on Hireitem.

On the top right hand corner of Hireitem, click your letter login, click setting, then select the information you which to change. 


  • location change 
  • Password change
  • Phone number change 
  • Profile picture change
  • Notifications 
  • Payment info

This information will need to be arranged through the Hireitem platform with your provider. Your provider will contact you in regards to arranging these further details. The provider will discuss if additional payment options are required. 

Don’t forget to set an exact time and location!