Provider Faq's

We are here to provide the best help and support possibly, so please chat with us if you require more help.

 Hireitem is a one-of-a-kind platform where you can showcase your passion for your items, space and/or venue. To help ensure all experiences   meet the community’s expectation, they must meet the following standards in order to be on Hireitem. 

 All providers on Hireitem must meet our quality standards:

  • Friendliness: Listers are friendly and welcoming to people, and are able to facilitate connections between them.

  • Expertise: Hosts have skills or knowledge pertaining to the particular field relating to their area.

  • Precision: Listers must provide complete and accurate information about their listings, locations, prices, details etc.

  • Commitment: Listers must honour their agreed reservations, unless they are forced to cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance. Contact your customer and the Hireitem team immediately, for arrangements to be made.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hireitem is a marketplace with all hiring and rental needs in one place. We have provided a simple process for your items to be discovered. As a provider, you are required to firstly sign up, then post a quality listing including either a price or quote followed by details. Accept the customers request through Hireitem if the dates suit, then interact with your customer. Once the process has been completed, provide a review/feedback and build a long term relationship with your customer. Head over to to see more information. 

If price is different to the one displayed on listing due to add-ons, different delivery fee providers must message Hireitem so we can send the client an invoice for the exact amount. As per T & C’s all payments must strictly be through the platform or invoiced from Hireitem. No invoices from providers are allowed, as this breaches our trust & safety for our users. 

We are currently working on this, for now please use our partners WeTransferGoogle DriveOne Drive, Dropbox and Uploadfiles. We prefer Google drive as it is easier. Any other services are prohibited, if you use another platform you can send us a message and we will note it down here if approved. Upload files is easier if you aren’t familiar with others.

Hour, Day, Night.

Specific duration: Special kind of durations. Example: Weekends, Months, 4 hours and more.

Starting from: Minimum starting from price. Calendar feature is unavailable.

Price Request: For categories like venues, photography and more where there is no set price. Price is discussed between you and the customer. 

How do I view or send a message?

  1. Log on to
  2. Click your profile icon -inboxes will pop up.
  3. You will see a notification every time you have a unread message sitting in your inbox. You will also have a notification when someone makes a booking request

The commission rate is 20% effective from 24/7/2019 (Including Stripe or PayPal Processing Fee) for any successful booking. This helps cover the costs of maintaining, improving and promoting. 

There is no maximum listings that you can post on Hireitem. Although,creating multiples of the same listing is not allowed.

Listing pictures

The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, for example 660×440 pixel or 1500×1000 pixel.

If the uploaded image ratio is within 20% of the 3:2 ratio, for example 680×440, it will be cropped to the target ratio (660×440) to avoid gray bars on the sides. 

If the image is not even close to the target ratio (e.g. more than 20% should be cropped), for example 1200×440, no cropping will happen at all.

Profile pictures

The ideal image ratio should be 1:1, for example 600×600 pixel or 1100×1100 pixel. If the uploaded image ratio is not squared, for example 680×440, the larger part will be cropped around the center (so the end result would be in this example 440×440).

What  kinds of photos should I upload?

At least two good quality photos. High quality photos are more likely to increase bookings compared to low quality photos.

When will your listing go online?

Once you’re all signed up and we’ve reviewed/ verified your information for security reasons. This could take anywhere from 1 minute up to 8 hours. 

How to add a secondary email address

  1. Log in to Hireitem.
  2. Open your user settings panel (“Settings” from the dropdown under your photo/name).
  3. Open the “Account” tab.
  4. In the “Email addresses” section, click on “+ Add new email address”.
  5. Add your second email address. Check “Receive notifications” if you want to receive notifications at this address.
  6. Click “Save”.
  7. Check your email inbox for instructions on how to confirm the address.
  8. Follow the instructions. You will see the message “The email you entered is now confirmed.”.

That’s it! Your secondary email address is now set and confirmed. 


How to remove a secondary email address

  1. Open your user settings panel (“Settings” from the dropdown under your photo/name).
  2. Open the “Account” tab.
  3. In the “Email addresses” section, remove the address by clicking the “X”.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the secondary email address.
  5. Click “Save”.

Your secondary email address is now removed.

How to change a primary email address

  1. Create at least one secondary email (see instructions above).
  2. Make sure that the “new” primary email address can receive notifications (check the box under “Receive notifications” for this address).
  3. Remove the email addresses that are no longer wanted (see instructions above).

That’s it! Your primary email address has now been changed.

Interactions with Customers

It is your responsibility to fulfill these duties.

  1. Insure your item. Be sure to include this in your listing description if the user has to pay a short term insurance fee. You can also ask for a bond  before incase there is damage.
  2. All users are required to show a form of ID. It is your duty to remind them to do so. Take a photo or photo scan their ID.
  3. If anything goes wrong, report them to our team for misconduct.

No show? No problem. You never have to pay commission on guests who do not show up.

Yes. You do need to message the customer confirming the booking and what they require. For day, night and hour listings you simply just click the confirm button and the payment will be processed.

Your items are only hired to customers that you approve. These customers may be Australia wide, consisting of businesses, locals, tourists, government and more.

Late cancellations disrupts the customers plans and impacts the confidence of our platform, the following penalties will apply. 

  • Account suspension- If you cancel 2 or more reservations within a year, we may deactivate your listing.
  • If you cancel on the day we will deduct an extra 5% commission from your next pay out.
The latest a customer can cancel a booking is 2 weeks beforehand, otherwise they get charged full amount. If they do decide to cancel they will be required to pay a fee 8% fee that goes to the provider and

Account and Payment

What providers need to do to receive payments by Stripe:

Buyers can pay by credit or debit card. The provider is required to add their bank account details to receive money from buyers. 

To add your bank details, providers should:

  • log into your account in your marketplace
  • from the top bar, go to their user settings
  • go to the Paymentstab
  • possibly select Bank account
  • fill the form to add bank details: legal name, their country, their address and their bank account number (the format varies based on their country)
  • save  bank details

That’s it! A success message should now be visible and providers can now receive money when a transaction happens.


Due to our large market, we have three separate ways to pay through stripe our payment processor. Instant, Recurring and Invoiced. This depends on what listing type the provider decides to choose. For trust & security your payment must always go through our partner stripe. If a provider is asking for a direct payment please contact If you are wondering what is stripe, Learn more about stripe here.

Instant booking: After the provider has confirmed your booking, money is withdrawn and held by Stripe. Stripe holds the money and doesn’t release your payment to the provider until after your booked date. This is to make sure the booking goes successful and builds trust between customers and providers. Related listing types: Per hour, day, night and Specific duration.

Recurring prepayments: Prepayments are available so you can start paying monthly for an expensive package months prior to the official event. This is so you do not get charged the full amount immediately. This option is only available if the provider approves, please ask before booking. Related listing types: Starting from and price request.

Recurring billing: If you are renting storage, parking or another listing for a period of months. Hireitem will charge your nominated account two days before your recurring monthly booking date. If you booked on the 5/6/xx your monthly payment is due on the 3/7/xx, 3/8/xx, 3/9/xx etc. If you miss your due date you are subject to the late fee rules written in the listing you booked. Related listing types: Starting from, specific duration and price request.

Invoiced: When the provider has not set a price because they require you to message them your needs. Examples: You may need go in for a suit fitting, discuss a price and duration with a photographer or choose a package for a function event. After organising a price and when your payment is due by, the provider will contact us the information. We will then email you an invoice to pay as soon as we are notified. Related listing types: Starting From and Price Request.


All customer payments are processed through stripe, never directly ask a customer for their bank/card details our bank or a providers bank. 



What happens a when a buyer clicks the dispute button in a paid transaction?
Buyers can dispute a paid transaction after the transaction request has been approved and before it is marked as “completed”. The dispute feature is a way for buyers to clearly communicate to providers that they are not happy with the way the transaction is handled.

  • Disputing a transaction doesn’t refund the payment.
  • When a transaction is disputed the status of the transaction changes to canceled.
  • Both users can review each other after a dispute.
  • Our team will then issue a refund. This usually takes 5 to 10 days or more, we have no control over Stripe.

Yes. Once you’ve signed up with us, you can update your details at any time.


No our platform is safe and secure. Hireitem does not store this data (it is stored through Stripe).

Please see your local authority for information: is the Australian tax office with all the information. 

You must declare the income in your tax return.

You can claim deductions for associated expense.

If we are approached by the ATO asking how much you earned through our platform, we are obliged under law to cooperate.

If you rent out a car parking space, it can mean that you are running an enterprise. You will need to get an ABN and register for GST if either:

  • your turnover is, or is projected to be, $75,000 or more per year renting out the car parking space or spaces
  • your turnover is, or is projected to be, $75,000 or more a year for all of the goods and services you provide while carrying on a number of enterprises.

If you have an existing enterprise and are registered for GST, you need to account for GST on amounts received for renting out your car parking space.

Hireitems obligations from the ACCC: